Thank you so much, great job on my resume and cover letter. I found that you just didn't put a few words together, you found who I really am and put it to words.

Michael S.  N. Reading, MA  April 2014

Margarita is a talented writer who skillfully and creatively took a mundane looking resume and turned it into something unique. In today's market there is no question that competition is fierce, and it is therefore imperative to stand out from the crowd. With Margarita's help, my resume now tells a story of who I am and my experience in a clear concise way. Having such a solid resume has also provided me with an added boost of confidence. I would absolutely recommend services to anyone who wants to be considered a serious candidate in a tough job market.

Rita A.ETP Program Manager - Boston, MA, April 2014

Margarita's unbelievably helpful. I found her through an online search, and I'm grateful I did. Her experience and involvement in the CURRENT world of human resources is invaluable. I'm sort of switching careers - or at least trying to jump up one level in the corporate world. It's been several years since I asked for help on this front, and I felt like a fish out of water. I wasn't sure what Margarita would bring to the table, but after minimal time on my part, I can truly say that: I have a contemporary resume that will get read, that my resume stands out, that it's effective in conveying my 'brand,' and that she 'got it' right away - I didn't have to explain my whole story in agonizing detail like I thought I would. If you're hesitant, I can honestly say that you will be pleasantly surprised by the professionalism, product returned, and the investment she makes into your success. She is a very real person with real-world experience, with insights that current in today's marketplace. I'm grateful to have her help! The best investment I've ever made. 
Michael R. – N. Reading, March 2014
Margarita is a professional resume writer. I had a wonderful experience working with her. She took an old resume of 6 pages that I had from a few years back and turned it into a professional and concise 2 page resume with all of the important highlights and buzz words that are necessary to the job I was applying for. She is a non intimidating professional who cared enough about meeting my deadline for getting the resume ready even though she was ill with the flu. I strongly recommend MWresume writing.  
Joseph G. - Revere, MA, March 2014
Margarita really helped me start my career, not just get a job. I was a college student with no corporate or formal management experience. I had been working for a large fashion retailer, and with school I really wanted to advance my career with the company at the corporate office. Margarita took the time and created my resume (my first resume ever) that highlighted me as an asset to the company. I did get the job, and absolutely love my new career. Thank you Margarita! I have already been recommending her to others!
Teresa S. – Lowell, MA, March 2014​